Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Christmas stamp set - D1166

Altered drink coaster ornament by Jen Rubio (below)
stamped on white daisy "textured" cardstock
12x12 random-stamped sheet of cardstock by Jen Rubio (below)
Random-stamped paper design above was cut up
and used to create the following:
12 standard size cards by Jen Rubio (below)

Youthful Heart stamp set - D1176

6x6 card by Jen Rubio (below)
standard size card by Jen Rubio (below)
3x3 card by Jen Rubio (below)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Thoughts D1130

standard size card by Jen Rubio
featuring "chalk popping" technique
Floral Impressions X7061B papers
mini tag book front view by Debi Davis
(measures 1.5x3")
Precious Paisleys X7058B papers
mini tag book inside view by Debi Davis
6x6 card by Heather Roers
standard size card by Jolanthe Erb
6x6 layout by Joyce A. Gough
standard size card by Michelle Nist
3.5x8 card by unknown artist

My first post - How this blog came to be!

Okay, I admit it, I am a little bit of a HOARDER. It is hard for me to throw old things out, especially when it is a handmade card that I know someone spent a lot of time creating. As a Close to my Heart consultant for almost 7 years now, I really appreciate anything beautiful that is made from the heart. This was clearly evident to me the other day when I started looking through my 7 years worth of boxes full of swap cards and other artwork made by many very talented and creative Close to my Heart consultants. I know that I really cannot keep hanging on to all these lovely things forever. I just don't have the room to store them all and I really need to make room for more new lovely things in my life. However, I also couldn't bear to just throw all these creations in the trash either, so I have a new plan!

I am going to start donating my stash of cards to be used by those in need. I know there are a few volunteers and charitable organizations who gather and send greeting cards overseas to soldiers either to cheer them up or for them to use to correspond with their families and friends. At the same time many of these items have been and still are creatively inspiring to me and so I'm also thinking "why can't these beautiful creations continue to live on and inspire others online also?" I can photograph them and share them here for other creative types (especially those who love all things CTMH like I do), so they can be appreciated for their artistic qualities and inspire new creations, while still being useful to someone who needs a card to brighten their day! Yes, this superb artwork is capable of multi-tasking just like me - lol!

With all the many responsibilities and obligations I already have going on in my life, I know that I also have to be realistic about this plan. I have so many cards I've been collecting for years that I know I just simply can't post them all at once. I will pace myself and just post a little bit at a time each week.

I have chosen the word "Vintage" to describe this artwork because it just seems like a kind way of saying that these creations are made with old stamp sets and paper packs that are no longer available for purchase from CTMH, but are still of value. I know that many of these "classic" supplies are still used occasionally by my fellow CTMH consultants and customers and my hope is that this blog will also provide a nice reference for others to feel re-inspired to get out and use some of their older but still "well-loved" stamp sets and papers that they've been holding on to for so long.

Because many of these cards and creations have been made by others, I will give credit to the artist when possible, but I will also have some things labeled as being "made by an unknown artist" when I occasionally find that the artwork isn't labeled. Maybe you will discover something you have created here that you may have forgotten about, but will be forgotten no more! I will share a lot of the "vintage" things I have created here for you as well. It is easy for me to be a little critical of some of my earlier creations because I was so new to stamping, but it is also fun to look back and see how much I have grown as an artist as well, so please be kind with your comments - lol. Thanks so much...and enjoy!!